We believe that the first years of a child's life create the foundation for life. With this in mind, we as teachers, parents and community members, must nurture the blooming buds by allowing their "roots" to grow in an environment that best suits the natural ways of the Earth.
Happy kids at Gharkul day care center and early childhood facility
A stable environment makes a child grow into a confident and outgoing individual, able to use the natural curiosity to explore the world, new situations and experiences.
Highlights of Gharkul day care family ...

  • We offer a pleasant, quiet, and an enjoyable environment where kids can have fun. We strive to make the day care experience of each child a positive and happy one.
  • We stimulate the thinking and reasoning skills of each child.
  • We envourage each child to learn to solve age approprite problems and make decisions and choices that are morally appropriate.
  • We encourage the feeling of sharing and cooperation in each child.
  • We prepare preschool age children for a successful transition to Kindergarten
  • Gharkul day care is conveniently located in Cupertino near Lincoln Elementary, Kennedy Middle, Monta Vista High, De Anza College, Apple Inc. and other notable companies.
  • Gharkul day care offers flexible timing to the parents.