We cater to children of all ages.

We are a 12-month program.

Our day care hours are 9 AM until 5.30PM, Monday to Friday

HOT LUNCH : We provide hot lunch. We have a daily lunch schedule. We only cook vegetarian food. Parents need to provide snacks, drinks and milk

CLOTHING : Please keep it simple. Clothes for your child should be durable,comfortable, and convenient. Favor such items and styles as will permit freedom of movement, ease of dressing and removal, and will withstand active use. Each child should have at least one complete change of clothing available daily.

NAP TIME / BEDDING : Please provide a blanket for your child's mat. It is important that this bedding is taken home on Friday for laundering and that clean bedding be returned on Monday. Please label your blankets. Your child's day will be very full with activity.

PAYMENT RECEIPT : We will provide you tax id and license numbers.


HOLDAYS AND VACATION TUTION : You will be required to pay for holiday and vacation tuition. We have holiday schedule. If you missed the day due to any reason including sickness, vacation, you will be required to pay for those days.

List of holidays in 2017

  • May 29 (Memorial Day)
  • July 3rd to 7th (Summer break)
  • September 4th (Labor Day)
  • November 10th (Veterans Day)
  • November 23rd, 24th (Thanksgiving)
  • December 16th to Jan 1st 2018 (Winter Break)

NOTICE OF TERMINATION, DEPOSIT, TUTION PAYMENT AND RESERVATION : The contract requires you to give one month of notice to terminate the contract. One month of tuition will be retained as a deposit along with $100 registration fees and tuition for the one month of tuition when you start the services. This deposit will be used in lieu of tuition payment once the notice of termination is given. Thus, during the last one month no tuition payments will be made. Your tuition will be due every 1st to 5th of the starting of month. $100 registration fee is not refundable. We will reserve the space for you once registration and 1 month of deposit is received.

Important Note : Deposit is non refundable and cannot be used if child is absent for more than 45 days. You have to enroll him / her by paying enrollment fee and deposit again if you want to continue after 45 days.